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Crop Top – Grey – Vetiver


Our ultra comfortable Tops are made with organic cotton and natural Ayurvedic colours. The organic cotton lets your skin breath. The natural dyes make sure your skin only feels the touch of nature.

This bold grey top is made with the goodness of  Vetiver root and Organic cotton.

Vetiver root is famous for the essential oil extracted from it. Vetiver helps skin appear firmer and more youthful. Vetiver contains anti oxidants and helps protect skin. The earthy, spicy scent of vetiver helps ease the mind.

Every Kaivalya Top is made individually by local artisans. The fabric used is made with pure organic cotton that is dyed in special natural Ayurvedic dyes.

Our wellness products are hundred percent natural, made with the community and environment in mind.  Organic cotton is sourced from local farmers in a fair-trade basis.

The primary herbs are combined with an ages old secret Ayurvedic Herbal mix to create a natural dye with vibrant colours.

The dyed fabric is then stitched to our clothes by our community of artisans.

No synthetic materials or ingredients are used at any stage of the production. No harmful wastage is created during the production of these 100% bio-degradable clothes.

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